Broad Spectrum of Machining Capabilities

At Paramount Machine Company, we pride ourselves on our broad scope of manufacturing expertise. We have extensive experience with materials ranging from aluminum to titanium and aircraft alloys to Inconel. Our products are used in applications as diverse as commercial and military aircraft, critical life-support equipment, and space exploration. “Our range of manufacturing capabilities at Paramount Machine is a direct result of fifty years of manufacturing experience,” says Greg Harsen, president. “Our key people have been with the company for many years, and their combined knowledge and commitment to quality and customer service offers our customers unparalleled value in short-run and production machining.”

State-of-the-art CNC equipment, including 4-axis horizontal/vertical milling and turning, combined with our manufacturing experience makes Paramount Machine your total solution for precision machining in the 21st century.

Paramount Quality Equals Zero Defects

At Paramount Machine Company, our quality goal is Zero Defects. Toward this goal, we maintain a proactive quality system in compliance with ISO 9001 and AS9100, and our facility is approved by major aerospace manufacturers. “We are proud of our commitment to total quality at Paramount Machine,” says Greg Harsen, president. “We believe in continuous improvement through training, education, and the principles of lean manufacturing, and we have developed a comprehensive system to build quality and value into our products.”

This commitment is evidenced by quality and delivery ratings consistently averaging above 97 percent, as well as the long-term relationships that we maintain with our customers. Total quality is much more than a popular term at Paramount Machine…it is our way of life and our guarantee that your parts will be made to print and delivered as promised. You can depend on it.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valve Bodies

Valve bodies are highly complex pieces of engineering that require a high level of manufacturing expertise. Successful production of complex valve bodies requires a thorough understanding of the correct machining sequence, required inspection points, proper tooling and holding fixtures, production flow, and a host of other elements. The right approach to this specialized manufacturing process is the name of the game in the machining of valve bodies.

At Paramount Machine, we have the experience and knowledge to turn your design into reality and deliver top-quality parts on time. Our company-wide commitment to customer service is your guarantee of outstanding value and reliability for all of your critical valve body requirements.

State-of-the-Art CAD/CAM System

Paramount Machine uses TekSoft Procad/Procam™ software for both 2D and 3D CNC programming and tooling design. We can receive and support your digital datasets in all standard file formats, saving us time and you money. Our extensive experience with CAD/CAM allows us to set-up and program your jobs in hours instead of days, providing you with the flexibility you need for quick responses to critical requirements. At Paramount Machine, we are committed to state-of-the-art technology to make sure our service remains the best in the business.

Talented Employees Make the Difference

The real power behind any enterprise is its employees, and that is especially true in the precision machining industry. At Paramount Machine Company, our employees are our most important assets. We are proud of the talent and dedication of our entire team, which is reflected by the dependability and longevity of our people. The average employee has been with the company for twenty years, and three employees have more than thirty years of service. This kind of loyalty speaks volumes about Paramount Machine Company and our commitment to our products and our customers.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing the best customer service in the business, and we all share in the success of our company. Put our experience to work, and let us show you what our team can do for you.

Cell-Based Manufacturing at Paramount Machine

Cell-based manufacturing is a part of our lean manufacturing initiative at Paramount Machine Company. Our manufacturing facility is divided into cells based upon the common characteristics of the parts manufactured in each cell. Four types of manufacturing cells are utilized at Paramount Machine: one for manifolds, bodies, valve blocks and housings; one for cylinders, glands, supports, flanges and endcaps; one for links, arms and levers; and, the last for general machining.

Cell-based manufacturing eliminates the old-style of “lot” manufacturing and introduces a smooth workflow through the manufacturing process as the same job is simultaneously machined on various pieces of equipment within the cell. At Paramount Machine, we have achieved substantial reductions in lead-times and increased value for our customers through our commitment to lean manufacturing.

Since 1964, Fifty Years of Manufacturing Excellence

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